Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Baby Clothes — Mom’s Guide

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When it comes to hygiene and comfort of your little one, most moms get too choosy and meticulous in nature. Yeah, it’s natural and that’s a good change. You must take utmost care of the delicate human being, says an expert of laundromat near me North VA.

And when we discuss about hygiene and comfort, probably we cannot skip the ‘washing of baby clothes’ apart, isn’t it? So, let’s today know about some do’s and don’ts related to washing baby garments.

Do’s: Always Pre-Wash New Garments

Yes, you read correct! We are saying about a brand new dress. To be precise, a new dress goes through several steps where it come across warehouse dust, coloring agent, chemicals, touch of hundreds of workers and so on before it comes to your hand. So, as per a wash and fold near me North VA expert, it’s always important to give it a quick wash to make sure it’s safe for your baby.

Don’ts: Never Wash Baby Dresses with Yours

Babies are very sensitive to the surroundings. So, any harsh detergent, hot water or tough cleaning processes may damage its soft fabric, says a a pickup laundry near me North VA. As you travel to office, supermarket and so on, your dress contains several types of germs as well. So, it’s never a good idea to mix both type of dresses in a single washing process. Keep them separate and wash with much care.

Do’s: Wash Baby Dresses more Frequently

Not all babies are lucky enough to play in the garden or park. So, their dresses may not seem too dirty always. That’s the reason, some parents wash their dresses every alternative day or even more. As said by a laundry service Arlington VA, it’s a bad practice and may cause skin rashes and other diseases. Babies have a higher activity rate and thus they sweat more than an adult. Also, they keep touching every next item regardless of it is a toy or not. So, even though they spend a lot of time at home, their dresses may accumulate a wide range of germs. So, it’s ideal to wash their clothes every day.

Don’ts: Don’t use Fabric Conditioner on Baby Dresses

As the advertisers say, fabric conditioners keep dresses soft and gives it some refreshing aroma. But, don’t forget that fabric conditioners are nothing but a chemical (may be good for dress) and it’s used after a wash. So, the traces remain in your dress and it comes in contact to your baby’s skin. So, as recommended by a laundromat near me North VA, it’s safer not to use any fabric conditioner in any baby dress.

Do’s: Use Hot Water & Direct Sunlight, wherever It’s Permitted

Hot water and direct sunlight is excellent to kill germs, remove tough stains and to keep bad smell away. Well, not all fabric is suitable to be washed using hot water or to be dried under the Sun. So, except those garments, says an expert of pickup laundry near me North VA use these two options wherever it’s allowed.

Did we missed any point? Has your baby’s doctor said something more important related to washing baby dress? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment below.

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