How much does laundry service cost?
In-Store Drop Off

Regular Laundry
Express Laundry

*$24 Minimum charge for regular orders. $27
Minimum for express orders.

Pickup & Delivery

Regular Laundry $1.95/lb
Delivery Fee

*$35 minimum charge for all orders. Minimum charge includes Delivery fee.

Bulky Items
Comforter/Duvet (Twin) $25
Blanket $22
Bath Mat $12
Standard Pillow $6
Mattress Cover $10

*Standard turnaround for In-Store is 48 hours. In-Store Express turnaround is 24 hours or less.

*Standard turnaround for delivery orders is 24 hours. Large orders (over 60 lbs) may require more than 24 hours to process. A team member will reach out to you if your order may require additional time.