We’ll do the laundry!
Columbia Pike works with local small businesses
You started your business to pursue your passion and offer something of value to your community…not to do the laundry. And yet, you find yourself spending time you don’t have washing towels, blankets, etc. How would you like to get your time back?
Laundry on Your Schedule
At Columbia Pike Laundry, we work around your schedule and needs. We can pick up and deliver your laundry on your schedule. Spend your time and energy on your business, not the laundry.
Local businesses we service
Because we’re local, you can count on our quality. We control every step of the laundry process, so we can ensure your business only gets the best! You’ll get to know our friendly and professional staff as they work behind the scenes making you look good.
Columbia Pike Laundry provides customized laundry services for businesses of all shapes & sizes — from independent sole-proprietors to multi-location businesses. The industries we serve include:
Hospitality laundry service for hotels, Airbnb & rental properties, co-working spaces.
Medical laundry service for chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, dental & medical practices.
Beauty & salon laundry service for barbershops, salons, lash studios, waxing studios, and more.
Gym towel laundry service for traditional gyms, specialty studios, and personal training.
Foodservice laundry service for breweries, restaurants, bars, and special event centers.
Janitorial laundry service for work towels and industrial cleaning.
Health Clubs
A custom laundry solution for your business – big or small.
We offer a commercial laundry service that your business can trust. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask
some of our partners!
Kari Kari

Always friendly and efficient
“I have used Columbia Pike Laundry several times in the past year. Their service is always friendly and efficient. The wash and fold is a very helpful part to my small business. They do an excellent job every time. I highly recommend Columbia Pike Laundry.”

Know who is doing your laundry!

Commercial Laundry – there’s an app for that. But, that is not always a good thing?
While you might not care who is taxiing you across town, you should care who is doing your laundry. With the rise of middle-man apps that pair you with the closest, cheapest, service provider, you have no idea who is picking up, cleaning, and delivering your commercial laundry.

Here is the rundown:

You’ll want to find a business laundry service that ACTUALLY does your laundry: A simple Google search will reveal app-based middle man companies that shop your laundry out to the nearest provider. These are SOFTWARE companies, NOT laundry professionals! They will cost you twice as much as going directly to the source. As you’d expect they keep the lion’s share of the revenue and leave a small portion to the laundry provider. You know the expression “You get what you pay for”. In this case you are paying a premium for the cheapest provider. When deciding on a business laundry service, be sure to research or ask who is actually doing your laundry.

But it is ours, and we love it
Get in touch with us today and allow us to help you “take a load off”, so you can focus more on the core
functions of your business.