We’re here to make laundry day easy

So, we’re happy to help bridge the gap between your traditional laundry practices and our new, digital take on it.
Frequently asked questions

It’s important to know who is doing your laundry!

While you might not care who is delivering your pizza, you should care who is doing your laundry. With the rise of middle-man apps that pair you with the closest or cheapest service provider, you have no idea who is picking up, cleaning, and delivering your clothes. And, this likely changes order-to-order – sometimes even being sent to individuals to wash at their home instead of a professional company operating in a professional laundry facility.

At Columbia Pike Laundry, we’re real people doing real laundry – really well. We’re right here on Columbia Pike. Come say hello and see how we do it.

We get it; this whole pick-up and delivery laundry concept is new. We’re here to help bridge the gap between your traditional laundry practices and our new, digital take on it. 

Delivery Q&A

The easiest way to see if you’re within our service area is to check our Service Area map here

Pickup and delivery laundry service is available 7 days a week. Mornings between 8A-12noon and evenings between 5p-7p.

Standard turnaround for all orders is 48 hours.  Express turnaround is 24 hours or less for an additional fee.

Treatment Q&A

As part of our thorough and complete cleaning processes, we check all pockets before any treatment begins. However, pens, lipstick, and gum can be sneaky. They do their best to ruin your day and ours.

While we always go above and beyond to prevent damage. And, in the case that garments are damaged from customer oversight of items left in the pockets, we will do our best to fix the damage at no extra charge. However, we are not responsible for any remaining damage due to customer oversight.

So, help us out! Please check your pockets!

Laundry is tricky! Everyone has their own preferences. And, it’s our goal to make sure you know how to share these preferences with us. After all, saving time on laundry day isn’t worth much if it’s not exactly how you want it, right?

We offer customizations for detergent, wash and dry temperature, bleach, and more. You can also add custom notes on the Order Confirmation page and we’ll handle it for you!

Pricing Q&A

Our pricing is by weight for regular laundry. It’s $1.79/lb ($2.15/lb for pickup and delivery). $27 minimum for in-store orders and $40 minimum for Delivery orders (includes delivery fee).  Bulky items like comforters and bath mats are priced by the piece. More pricing information can be found on our Pricing Page.